Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child eligible for The Boys & Girls Club? The Boys & Girls Club in your local community is available to any child that is in first grade up to eighteen years old.

How much does membership cost? The club charges a one time fee for the summer program and a one time fee for the school year program. Each Boys & Girls Club has different membership costs so please click on Our Clubs above to find out more about the cost in your community.

What do the members do during their time at the club? Your local club offers a variety of programs like athletics, arts, and breitling uk after-school study time. Every Boys & Girls Club runs different programs offered throught the summer and school year. Please contact invention rolex your local club to find out which programs they are currently running. You may find out more about each of these program by clicking on Club Programs.

Is there a bus that will take the club members from school to the club? Most of our Boys & Girls Clubs have made arrangements with the school district to offer transportation from the school to the club. You may find out the bus schedule by calling your local replica hublot club and inqiring with the staff.


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